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About Facets

Facets Fiction Editing, Inc. is owned and operated by Gina Hilse, Developmental Fiction Editor and President.

Editorial Services

Developmental Edit

I will provide a full developmental edit (DE) of your manuscript. This comprises an evaluation of the following facets of your novel:

  • Theme
  • General Structure
  • Plot
  • Character
  • Point of View
  • Scene
  • Narrative Summary
  • Dialog/Inner Monolog
  • Chronology
  • Narrative Shape
  • Pacing

You will receive an analysis embedded within your electronic manuscript with suggestions to consider as you finalize your book, as well as a separate editorial evaluation. This service includes any necessary and reasonable phone consultations throughout the timeline up to 15 days following delivery of the final, edited manuscript.

Please note: A developmental edit should take place before you submit your manuscript for copyediting, as it may result in story refinements with newly written or reorganized sections.

Manuscript Evaluation

If you prefer a small analysis before you commit to a larger, more extensive developmental edit, you may choose the manuscript evaluation service. I read your manuscript and give you a brief (2- to 4-page) analysis of the fiction elements listed under the DE description. 


I accept projects that require light copyediting or heavy copyediting (substantive editing). These tasks focus on the mechanical aspects of your manuscript, including grammar, punctuation, style and format consistency, spelling, voice, and word usage.


I compare your final document to another document (for example, a galley proof) to identify errors.

Facets Fiction Editing Inc.